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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Time Traveler's wife

This probably us really slow to many.

The time traveler's wife came to me first as a movie.
BUT being me, i didnt catch it. dur.
and it took me long enough to pick up the book.
lets just say i was really caught up with so much work i had to let luxury go.

it only happened when i went to england.
you dont have that much luxury to travel. or more like im a really homey person who likes to just get myself cooped up at home. even in Singapore, my friends had to convince me to get out of the house to spend some time with them! lol..... im sorry.....

anyways, it was christmas in 2009 and i was in WaterStones looking for a present.
and there was this sale for books something about 3 for 2. and i had 2 items looking for the 3rd.
and i saw this book. i had an urge to get it. although knowing myself, i probably would pay and leave it on the shelf until i pack up to go home.

we had an outing to London for countdown. and it was a few hours ride on the train.
so i brought the book to read on the train.
finally it came back to me, the passing scenery, serene environment, some munchies and chapters after chapters...
and when im back, i cant help it.
i always wonder how they are gonna portray something in a book into something visual.
especially when ive read the book first. ( I always like to read the book first )
as usual, 2.5 hrs aint enough. but the essence were there. the actors really got it together.
and it left me in a teary heap. both the book and movie.